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The Quran is a precious book – an encompassment of the commandments of Allah, as well as offering a complete code of life to live by. To grasp, and fully understand in true spirit, the Holy Quran, it is necessary for us to seek more knowledge from those that have a mature grip on it from “Al Hamd” till “Onenaas”.

Beyond the imaginations

Our professional groups of Qari, Ulma and Muftis have a great command over nazra Quran, Hifz and other matters related to religion, that may lie beyond our imaginations.


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01.  Online Academic Courses

We are online! For courses ranging from primary classes, to PHD programs, we have online tutors for every purpose.

02. Online Quran Learning

A team of well-read Ulma and Mufti’s are available and at your disposal to craft a more nurturing environment for your children and to help set them out on the road to really understanding religion, as well as reciting the Quran fluently

03. Online University Courses

Our esteemed team of lecturers are skilled and qualified to help you learn any university course, and make sure the end result is successful.



Quran Teaching & Deen Learning

There is no questioning the fact that learning how to recite the Holy Quran is a basic duty endowed upon all of us – a necessity, to form a link with ALLAH, and his Prophet (Salalaho Alehe Wasalam).

To assist you in this matter, we have lined up:

Nazra Quran

Nazra Quran learning is essential for any Muslim so the trained Qari will teach the Nazra with Tajweed and proper Arabic pronunciation.

Hifz Quran

Finding a madarsa or a Quran Hifz school while living abroad in a non muslim country is indeed very difficult, But not to worry our team also provide this online Hifz Quran facility.

Basics of Deen

Reciting Quran and Hifz is indeed a very precious moment in a Muslim’s life but Deen is not restricted to it only as it focus on the other issues which are of equal importance – Our Muftis and Ulma will teach you those basics as well. 

Other Such Issues

There also comes issues related to Islamic way of business dealings and many more such kind of issues where one needs the advise of Ulma. We are there for you in those matters.


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