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Depending upon your preferred learning method, we offer you a chance to learn better through a virtual classroom. Learning this way takes a certain fortitude and self-discipline, which helps you grow gradually and effectively, both personally and professionally.

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Image Tutors Academy was founded in 2013, under the supervision of Sir Muhammad Irfan and collective effort of a team of well-accomplished individuals from reputed and elite institutes, with the aim of assisting the students in their daily work as well as to help them in grooming their skills to an optimal level.

As of today, we are a team of highly professional and technically sound online tutors. Our team includes; energetic males and females with vast experience that have been associated with top-level schools. Colleges and universities.  Therefore, they carry a set of particular skills that enables them to train you with most recent and updated knowledge and techniques of today’s requirements.

Selecting us for honing your kid’s educational performance will be a right choice as we make sure we dedicate and devote ourselves to your child’s talent and academic growth.

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One-on-one tuition tradition is an emerging learning technique that is becoming a necessity in today’s world. Students are now focused on finding flexible ways of learning that would save their time and yield more results, such as online private tuition and education.

Online tutoring is the best way a student can acquire the required education and this is the reason, it is one of the most common tuition choice among quick learners. Due to traditional challenges of colleges and universities, such as high fees, budget cuts and course shortages, students are turning their heads towards online tutoring.

Online tuition concept has risen exponentially in a matter of few years. About three million students are currently enrolled in online programs around the world and nearly six million are associated with at least one online course as a part of their educational degree.

The fact that online education is being preferred by so many students globally is evident enough, that online tuition system is people’s number one choice now. It can be as a practical and creative as one-on-one education.


Our Mission & Vision

ITA’S mission is to promote education to almost every part of the world with the aim to contribute to student’s success, satisfaction and results. To allow students to study and pursue their academic goals without having to be physically present in a campus.


Our  Services



 Online Academic Courses

Study in the comfort of your home by our team of experts for courses you find difficult to handle at your school or college level.



Online Quran Learning

We have a team of Ulma and Qari lined up to teach Nazra Quran,Hifz and also to teach basic issues related to Deen.



Online University Courses

For those students at university level who find it difficult to tackle the professional courses we have team of experts to guide them and help them in their studies.

Our Team Members

Muhammad Irfan

Syed Muhammad Omar

Hira Zareen Rehmani



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Latest news and events will be shown here 

How to Study Math in College

How to Study Math in College

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How to Study Maths: 7 Tips for Solving Maths Problems

How to Study Maths: 7 Tips for Solving Maths Problems

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An ultimate guide about learning Quran online

An ultimate guide about learning Quran online

In all societies, online teaching of the "Quran" teacher is a very noble profession. Teachers are respected in all societies. Speaking of the masters of the Quran, the masters of the Quran are ranked highest in Islamic society. The Quran is the sacred word of God. In...


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