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In all societies, online teaching of the “Quran” teacher is a very noble profession. Teachers are respected in all societies. Speaking of the masters of the Quran, the masters of the Quran are ranked highest in Islamic society. The Quran is the sacred word of God. In today’s world and beyond, it is a great honour to be God’s book teacher. Because this is the profession of a prophet.

As our Prophet Muhammad (May he rest in peace) said:

"The best of you
(Muslims) are those who study and teach the Quran."

When we talk about the teacher of the Quran, we are talking about a teacher who teaches our children about the two worlds. If we live in an Islamic country, it is easy to find a Quran teacher. However, for non-Muslim societies, even finding an Islamic centre near your home is difficult.

In line with the vision of “Islamic Education for All”, we have opened an online Quran Academy, which provides services worldwide, especially in Western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and all European countries.

What is Islamic education for all?

This is the vision pursued by the Image Tutor Academy, which is a safe and convenient way to teach everyone the Quran. We are a group of teachers who teach reading and learning courses of the Quran for Muslim students.

Our services are not limited to specific regions or groups of people. People of all ages from all over the world can join Learn Quran Academy and start learning the Quran. We use all the teachings of the Quran provided by modern technologies. This means that anyone anywhere can learn their own lessons from the Quran.

The best online Quran teachers in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia

When hiring teachers, we always consider educational background. We believe that it is our responsibility and responsibility to provide accurate Islamic teachings and teachings to Muslims. This is why we only hire qualified Qur’an teachers for each Qur’an online training course.

In order to convey the knowledge of Islam to the next generation, teachers must be familiar with Islamic teachings. This is why we must follow very strict standards when hiring teachers. Only these teachers can teach anyone in our college to meet our standards.

Our aim is to provide the best teaching of the Quran. This is why we have a team of excellent teachers from the Quran. Our team of Quran teachers include Gary (Qari), Hafiz Al-Quran, Islamic scholars (religious students).

Qari: Qari knows how to recite the Quran through correct reading. These Quran teachers help our students to recite the Quran correctly on the Internet. They have a thorough understanding of intonation and intonation rules. All of us students who want to learn intonation or start using intonation to learn the Quran can learn from them. They will help our students to recite the Quran.

Hafiz Al-Quran: The Hafiz Al-Quran is the most respected person in Islamic society. They recite the Quran and keep it in mind. Students who participate in online Quran recitation courses can learn from them. They will help them remember the Quran (inspired by the Quran).

Islamic scholars (religious students): We also offer advanced courses, including courses on the interpretation of the Quran. These teachers help our students learn the interpretation of the Quran. They are very qualified teachers. They have degrees from world-renowned Islamic universities, such as the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan or Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Male and Female teachers

The Image Tutor Academy has Quran teachers. Girls and boys can learn the Quran from the teacher. Teachers are available because students can learn Quran lessons online from Quran teachers without hesitation. Islamic studies is a compulsory course for understanding Islam. This course is specially designed for children.

Teachers can teach this course to children because they understand the nature of children and know how to interact with them. We provide online Quran reading courses from Pakistan to Muslims around the world.

Requirements for becoming an online ITA teacher in ITA

The following are the qualifications for online Quran teachers in our Image Tutor Academy.

Online “Quran” teacher qualification: Every teacher who teaches the “Quran” in our college must have a bachelor’s degree from an internationally renowned university (such as the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan).

Multilingual: As mentioned above, we are teaching the Quran to students from different parts of the world. Our scholars must be experts in different languages, such as English, Urdu and Arabic. This way they can teach students in their mother tongue and provide them with the Quran.

The teaching method of the Quran: Our Quran teacher in the Quran Academy teaches all students from 4 to 70 years old. Therefore, teachers must have a wide range of methods for teaching the Quran. After that, he/she can understand the nature of the student and help him/her learn the Quran in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Good and friendly nature: We teach the Quran to students in the online Quran course. It is very difficult to keep children in class continuously for 30 minutes. Therefore, teachers must be naturally kind, polite and friendly. Therefore, the student participated in the class and helped him learn the Quran online.

Quran teacher at home

Now, students who study the Quran from all over the world can take the Quran reading course at home. We provide easy Quran lessons for students at home. There is no need to go to any mosque or Islamic centre.

Now you can use the Quran master at home. All you have to do is register for your Quran course and start taking the Quran course online. If you don’t know how to read the Quran or recite the Quran, you can study the Quran with someone whose native language is Arabic. Register for your Quran lesson now and start reading the Quran immediately.