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The prosperous global community welcomes voices from many fields. In recent years, the e-learning market has boomed. In a report released in 2017, the value of the online learning market was as high as US$166.5 billion and is expected to grow to more than US$255 billion this year. In addition, the latest Global Shapers Survey shows that more than 25,000 young students from all over the world have participated in online courses in the past. These increasing numbers illustrate how online learning has become the preferred learning method for students.

In addition to helping children develop comprehensive skills, online learning also has many other intangible benefits. We show you some reasons why parents choose online learning programs instead of traditional teaching methods for their children:

Flexible timetable

With the help of online learning programs, parents can teach their children anytime, anywhere. These technology-driven programs not only provide the same benefits as traditional face-to-face teaching, but they also provide parents and children with unlimited opportunities to use world-class courses. Unlike the traditional learning model, children do not have to wait for their teacher to start class. On the other hand, parents do not have to wait to observe the progress of their children.


This does not require much explanation. Image Tutor Academy online programs do not require parents to take their children to specific places. They can learn and improve their skills at home and at their convenience. In this way, parents can return to their busy schedules and know that their children are getting the personalized support they need. On the other hand, children are also more likely to control the process and be responsible for their education.

Master of crops

Online learning programs can help children find the best teachers in the industry. From English to chemistry, from mathematics to computers, different from traditional teaching methods, children have the opportunity to be tutored by some top teachers without even having to go to top schools or spend a lot of money.

Lower cost

Compared with traditional learning methods, online learning is cost-effective. Reduced training time (related to travel, teaching materials, training and accommodation) is one of the reasons why e-learning programs are cheap.

In addition, when children study in the comfort of their own home, parents are relieved of the burden of paying for travel expenses.


Many, if not all, children avoid asking questions in class. This problem can be solved through online learning programs. The platform has a certain degree of anonymity, thus establishing a safety net for children. The report shows that online learning programs have been proven to help children build confidence.

This increased confidence not only helps students throughout the school year, but also helps them perform well in all aspects of life.

Different courses and topics to choose from

The courses and topic options provided in online learning are very rich. Online learning at your convenience provides you with ample opportunities to think about and choose topics of your choice. You are not obligated to study subjects that you do not like or are not good at. In addition to keeping you focused, online learning programs can also help you choose from a variety of courses.

Responsibility and self-discipline

Although convenient, online learning programs require children to become entrepreneurs. Even if you study at your own pace and time, meet the deadline. The package also contains a certain amount of self-motivation, responsibility and time management skills. If you conquer these characteristics, they will help you through the long road in life, workplace and other aspects.

Fast class

Online learning plans can deliver courses quickly. Unlike traditional classroom teaching methods, online learning courses start and end very quickly, and most of the time is conducted in a single learning session. Compared with classroom teaching, learning time is reduced to 25%-60%. Students can also skip topics that they do not want to learn, thereby speeding up the teaching speed.


Online learning programs have a wide range of advantages, are appreciated by people, and are becoming more and more popular among students all over the world. However, there are still many parents and children who prefer traditional classroom-based teaching methods. In the end, everything depends on the conditions your child can adapt to.